microphones in the trees: beggin' your pardon miss joan

Friday, August 06, 2010

beggin' your pardon miss joan

"Edges will be the first widely available release by Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Joan, and is a collection of several old songs from previous highly limited releases on Centre of the Wood, Dead Pilot and Reverb Worship, plus 5 new tracks. The project is from the minds of Lex and Vanessa Panayi, Lex some of you may recognise as he also plays under the name of Guanaco±, who earlier this year had the Sky Burials LP released on BR. On this 9 track cd there are moments comparable to some of the material on the aforementioned LP, but at times it has a more singer-songwriter sound with more vocals, as well as merging autumnal psychedelic vocal excursions and traditional folk guitar meanderings. A really gorgeous collection of songs." blackest rainbow


rafa said...

i am the messenger!

la mar said...

portada y musicala para perderse bien y de buenas ^.^

Anonymous said...

¿Conoceis la película "Accidents happen"?


La canción "Blood" del grupo The Middle East,
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