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Monday, August 08, 2011

laughing eye weeping eye

laughing eye weeping eye • where snakes & seers go
[hairy spider legs, 2011]

"Laughing Eye Weeping Eye performances are akin to watching a vaudevillian story-teller in a medieval church gospel singers, gnomes, and goats. Bandmates in this lifetime and gurus in another, Chicagoans Rebecca Schoenecker and Patrick Holbrook create a multi-faceted experience that incorporates harmonium, looped vocals, toy instruments, visuals, and effects. Inspired by folk music and spiritual singing, LEWE creates songbooks for audience members so that they may sing along. On occasion, the bliss of this act has held to singing in tongues." laughing eye weeping eye

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ya está. he encontrado la solución perfecta para ser un personaje de un cuento. en una historia donde las palabras celebración, comunidad, juego, encanto, pócima y paseo dan color a los sonidos que hace que lo irreal sea realidad... es que así suena esto, y mientras más escucho siento que ya me crece una cola, unos lindos cuernos, me comienzo a retorcer, a aplaudir pero sobretodo qué ganas de maullar. miau!

fotola: ana noble


Robot said...

Thanks for posting this!
After the first listen i paused and wondered. After the second play i ordered the vinyl.

mar said...

very nice, robot ^.^