microphones in the trees: monster rally

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

monster rally

"This is potentially the most leisurely release of the year...Monster Rally is the brainchild of Cleveland, Ohio’s Ted Feighan. Piecing together vinyl samples of yesteryear’s chillest as if recalling a story, Monster Rally is all about loopy, fun collages that come to life as their own entities. As a nostalgic past glistens through each jam, you cannot shake the feeling that there is a full band playing; you can feel the spirit of long-lost souls letting their internal light shine through each carefree note. It is a testament to avid sample-collectors and space is the place-ers alike..." zen tapes

"Monster Rally sent over Crystal Ball, a collection of loop-based material that was recorded “in an unbelievably hot attic” during the Palm Reader sessions of July 2010. It’s intriguing to hear him work with more vocal-heavy samples with this record, which almost serves as a primer for the rest of his catalog. You can pick your price for these tropics on his bandcamp for a limited time only" dipped in dollars

"...Ted Feighan creates an atmosphere that’s light, fun, sand between the toes fresh. It’s hip-hop, stylistically lo-fi, and Beach Boy madness. Really takes the mind off of nonverbal postures that elicit dominant interviewing techniques and puts me on the beach hoping to catch a sunset." 

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rafa said...

best summer bso ever!