microphones in the trees: wyld wyzrdz

Sunday, September 18, 2011

wyld wyzrdz

"Braden J. Mckenna is also known as Wyld Wyzrdz and he is definitely some sort of sonic wizard. His sounds are so peaceful and soft and on his cassette “From A Stone” he guides you through places known and unknown. A blissful soundscape leads up to a flowing river, the stars emerge in the sky and you are left to contemplate." suave citation

alegría. excelso, glorioso, tela marinera, de la vida...y todos los adjetivos y expresiones que se nos ocurran. otro de los discos favoritos de este año, otra maravilla de Braden. touching stars!

foto: lukasz wierzbowski

"it will be for sale on cassette and digital download via Inner Islands on 9/26/2011", mientras:


sean said...

Yes! <3<3<3

rafa said...

de la vidisima!

Inner Islands said...


much peace. <3

- Braden

rafa said...