microphones in the trees: larry sunshine rice

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

larry sunshine rice

"Top quality official reissue of this wonderful album. This project is a bit different from other Time-Lag reissues, as the original isn't exactly a mega-rarity. That's not to say that they're easy to find, but our motives for the reissue have more to do with the fact that this great LP has been seriously overlooked by so many, and feels very ripe to reach some new ears. This one's got a pretty wild backstory too..." time~lag records

“Sunshine”…a name you will remember, especially if your bag in music is communication. It’s always refreshing to listen to an entertainer these days who does really have summat to say…and this guy Larry “Sunshine” Rice has a lot to talk about. He dabbled in various occupations such as landscaping, house painting and social work. Rice was also instrumental in founding the Satori House, a church mission sponsored by the Presbyterians of north east Texas. “Here’s Sunshine” presents his thoughts and ideas that have come from this well rounded background, like an artist completing his masterpiece.. There is no cluttered background interfering with his messages, no weird soundscapes to pass for talent. Just good old rootsy American folk/country songs. Here is an album you can take home and listen to, over and over again and each time you hear it you hear the simplicity of the songs that I guess is what “Sunshine” does best. Open your mind and let the “Sunshine” in" norman records

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rafa said...

esto es un disco en condiciones y lo demás son tonterías. pega de maravilla con las imágenes de "the endless summer"