microphones in the trees: emily lacy

Friday, October 14, 2011

emily lacy

"I grew up in the forest. I started drawing at a young age to entertain myself. around age 16 I began to focus heavily on the visual arts, particularly painting and film. I started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 22. I believe in making committed and active performance environments where sound and vision are joined into a wild trance of human exchange.  Together, in our parade, we can make a way forward." emily lacy
"Country Singer is a brilliant record full of vibrant and dusty folk songs, following in the foot steps of the great country artists of our past. Eerily beautiful. recorded by Ezra Buchla (of Gowns)." folktale


rafa said...

oklahoma soul

Alf .O said...

Thanks for sharing!, any chance to re-upload?!