microphones in the trees: secret birds

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

secret birds

"We’ve been loosing ourselves here on the west-coast recently basking in the sweet fall sunshine and Secret Bird’s new jam, Moon Clouds Infinite. This new release marks a radical departure from earlier incarnations of the band. Having consisted of almost 30-band members in the past working on a revolving door basis, Secret Birds has and always will be the brain-child of one man, D.Black.

Across Moon Clouds Infinite we hear bollywood, hypnagogic, doom, pop, kraut and a host of other tags you could lay on this album, a thinking-man’s ambience, provocative but not distracting with the right amount of subtle shifts, abrupt changes and lulling melodies, we have a hunch at Sonoptik that D.Black is on the cusp of something big..." sonoptik


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