microphones in the trees: orphan fairytale

Sunday, December 01, 2013

orphan fairytale

"second cassette we've put out by this girl,... 'Neverending Waves' is a reissue of a recent ultra-limited tour cdr by Eva Van Deuren. the album heads off with a beautiful potion of C.G.J. approved subconscious mood channelings made out of ideas taken from Javanese Court Gamelan music. after about seven minutes, the tones are shifting out into a lengthy, triple chapter, melancholic evocation of some sort of "Aguirre Opening Scene" style lushness. beautiful and endless..." cetacean nation cassettes

"Eva Van Deuren makes beautifully simplistic music using toys, sampling keyboards, vocals and electronics and Neverending Waves is one of her most ambitious sets, with music inspired by Javanese Gamelan and Popol Vuh’s soundtrack to Aguirre. on Lieven Martens of Dolphins Into The Future’s own imprint." volcanic tongue

sold out ~ download

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