microphones in the trees: spectral being

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

spectral being

"there is a phrase that goes: “next to meditation is music.” in fact, there are many sayings that can be used to say the same ~ that music has a way to heighten our awareness. for Spectral Being, it's the creation aspect of their music that leads into this awareness. inside the harmonies that mimic the human soul and exploratory songs that chant like a collective whole, Spectral Being is formed. a peaceful yet daring experimental group from southwest Michigan, they're releasing their new album which is a collection of slow instrumental soundscapes, piled under synthesizers, loops, effects and bass. come and jam with the phantom existence of Spectral Being this fall." ray jackson~already dead tapes

mitch smith: bass, effects
chris kondrat: alesis micron, effects
kyle landstra: roland juno-106, loops 

tidal sequence en repeat


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