microphones in the trees: the exhalers

Sunday, November 18, 2012

the exhalers

"Portugal's João (aka Mediafired, jccg, and Sofa Pits) returns with a new track from his delphinidae-inspired project, The Exhalers. according to João, 'Pearls and Shells' is 'again a little narrative through the eyes of a dolphin and its relationships, in which basic emotions/affections are expressed in that fluffy, spontaneous, mammal way.' It's hard to beat that description, as it's just so easy to imagine this winding, mercurial piece as a backing track (or cosmic conversation?) within the daily adventures of our four-lobed brained friends. the heavily effected tones of the casio ctk-495 also add an appealing element of simplicity that make it all easier for our own two-lobed brains to calm the fuck down for a minute. meditation aid? yes, definitely. 

this track will serve as the finale of a new musical 'trilogy' entitled Dive Hard. check out trailer for that here. we're excited to see how this semi-narrative, sonic experience takes shape, but in the meantime, take a moment to let this track wrap your head in digital ring bubbles and carry it off to who knows where." international tapes

foto: emir ozsahin

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