microphones in the trees: lace bows / timitiminono

Sunday, February 03, 2013

lace bows / timitiminono

“Around the 3rd or 4th year into the journey, while recovering from health complications, I’ve suddenly and unexpectedly began to notice the first traces of human existence in the captured audio. There had been hints of that already, but never before had they been this clear. The source could be some old magnetic tape sound recordings or some modern machinery (maybe to their time), but most of the sounds were clearly human, telling stories of lives not unlike our own.” lace bows

"Invoking the claustrophobic menace of the American Lassie via George Romero, both “Untitled Pieces” were conceived upon the failure ofmundane mechanisms ~ a bent automobile axis, the waiving turntable, the energy starved radio. Under a stormy sky, it is the adequate musicfor the one seeking shelter." timitiminono

"Lace Bows is Joana Francisco, an aural traveller with the sole mission of documenting the hypothetical existence of other worlds. The explorations are registered through captured sound waves and serve as audio documentaries of these worlds eventual existence, as a mere possible representation of them.
All outside communications and live presentations are made by Rui N., the on land compiler and archivist of all the reported audio transmissions."

"TimiTimiNoNo applies audio theft to acousmatics, transforming environmental sounds ~ machines, animals, city drones, etc ~ into a personal entity. TimiTimiNoNo started without any academic background, before finding Phytagorean monostring, John Oswald, or the Indian tabla. Timitiminono co-founded and buried the Friendly Virus collective."

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