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Monday, February 18, 2013


"no au! is a mix of concrete sounds recorded during the ethnographic investigation for the Saber Fazer exhibition as part of Câmera Escura, a projecto Buh! production for Guimarães 2012 ~ European Capital of Culture. Saber Fazer is a photographic exhibition, a video installation and a sound installation which explores the universe of Guimarães' local 'know-hows', particularly those associated with traditional professions and important regional industries, namely tanning and knife making, but also things of a more contemporary nature such as robotics. 

thus, in the cold basement of a parking lot echo the soundscapes created by Gil Mac to inhabit the photographs of Pedro Medeiros of the three trades represented. Madroa (a tannery), a family-run business on the verge of extinction; Herdmar (a knife making factory), a family-run business in expansion; the University of Minho's Algoritmi Centre's Robotics and Automation Laboratory, a research centre which invents and projects the future; are the interlocutors portrayed. at the end of the course, Nuno Patinho's and Ricardo Seiça's video installation can be found, prompting one to use headphones and thus listen to each interviewee talk about their trade, its history and its processes, whilst simultaneously omitting the sound installation present in that exhibition space. from the wooden tanning tanks used to dye hides, to the monstrous Russian machines used in the stamping of knives; the sound of robots interacting with the surrounding reality finally completing the trilogy of this sound journey. Whatever™... on side B(onus) immerse yourself in a sonic rotating robotic corpse megamix cobbled together by Meadowlands, Lace Bows and Qwerty. this moment of androidal bliss brings to an end the magnetic mayhem of Exo Tape." exo tapes

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