microphones in the trees: bear bones, lay low / dsr lines

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

bear bones, lay low / dsr lines

"this is a further journey into the electronic style I developed in “El Telonero” but this time with a darker and more urban feel. I wanted to evoke a certain Carpenteresque-sci-fi vibe with the sounds, a sort of ode/lament to modern and futuristic cities and their people, bathed in esoteric symbolism, ready for utter doom. so yeah, the dudes from Smeltkop (hit them up on fb as well) decided to put it out on tape and in 100 copies with some very nice silkscreened covers. order it from them, because I already gave all of mine away…" ernesto gonzález 


"the second tape that we'll be releasing that night is DSR Lines ~ Venndiagram. DSR Lines is the modular synth project of David Edren, also known as the big boss of the antwerp based Hare Akedod label. DSR Lines are audiological explorations." smeltkop

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