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Thursday, October 03, 2013


"Make This Sight Real represents the debut collection of solo recordings from Lala María Conchita, formerly of Diamond Catalog (whose Magnified Palette long player bewildered and enamored listeners in 2011). Conchita offers up a sequence of phantasmal cinematic vignettes subtly evoking Aztec ritual sacrifices, bodies floating in space and the dream of being gently rocked to sleep by your ancestors. Each piece pushes through doom metallics to moments of heartbreaking ~because temporary~ respite. Grounded by the strength of its primal rhythms and lifted by its rich and unique atmospherics, Make This Sight Real is both gentle and tough, often at the same time. It is rare to come across electronic music this personal and deeply felt. That it’s difficult to place Conchita’s work in a genre is a measure of its singularity." love all day

collage: pasaje

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