microphones in the trees: franco potenza

Monday, January 27, 2014

franco potenza

"been listening to this gorgeous gold-framed Italian record of underwater film music. the title translates as "Life and Work in the Water." don't know much about Franco Potenza, but I love records like this and how they conjure up a whole imaginary world just with simple instruments and ancient electronic effects. this one is eerie and strangely therapeutic, sort of in the vein of Eric Towren's Zenith, which is another great subaquatic record. and I was just looking at this great Pinterest page (Jonny Trunk's?) of rare underwater library records. check out the soundclip or dive in here." toys and techniques

"via the Toys and Techniques blog, Franco Potenza's "Vita e lavoro nell'acqua" is a beautiful example of library music meant to accompany underwater-themed visuals. in the media business, library music is music that's usually owned outright by a company and then licensed to customers who use it as soundtracks for tv shows, radio programs, and industrial films. there's still a wealth of amazing vintage library music warping away on vinyl in warehouses, basements, thrift stores, and record shops around the globe awaiting rediscovery by intrepid crate-diggers." boing boing


Ben said...

hello! love your blog. thx for all the great mixtapes!

ana said...

hi ben, thank you! i discovered so many treasures in toys and techniques...such an exquisite taste you have :) i have to say how much i love your birthday mixtape for trish keenan, just perfect.