microphones in the trees: luis pérez

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

luis pérez

"the highly promising Sacred Summits label debuts with a reissue of Luis Pérez's private-pressed cosmic obscurity, 'Ipan In Xiktli Metztli'. Beautifully recorded in Mexico, 1981, it offers a mescaline-sharp vision of deep grooving "cosmic ethnography" combining pre-Colombian percussion and wind instruments with electric guitar, tape delay and synths in free-roaming and extended suites. Perez's background in well-known folk ensemble Huayucaltia evidently feeds into this, one of only two known solo albums, but the key descriptor is blatantly psychedelic.

the side opens with a pair of concise, light-footed groovers, all rattlesnake shakers and melodic percussive cadence rent upwards with astral wind instruments and richly evocative nocturnal atmosphere, seemingly preparing us for two extended trips coming off like a prime Jodorowsky soundtrack. the first, 'Etimología Del Nombre Mexico', projects ritualist prog grooves into a haunting soundsphere of synth swirl and chant awash with tape delay and riding the wave between lush ecstasy and abyssal darkness while the 2nd suite, 'Al Culto Solar' peers further still with truly desolate, shivering synth atmospheres pierced by a comforting voice which leads further into the "other" side and a phantasmic array of patterned basslines, demonic wail and utterly mind-blowing synth hallucinations. serious stuff, treat with care for celestial rewards." boomkat


kupuri said...

todo un clásico, ponita. una joya *

ana said...

yes que sí filomena. ¿te acuerdas de aquel disco peruano, 'fuera de la ciudad', de el polen? no se parecen mucho, pero si pienso en uno pienso en el otro

Anonymous said...

thankx for this gem!