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Friday, October 17, 2014

sun ra

sun ra and his arkestra ~ mix tape (sanity muffin, 2014)

"incredible culling of rare Sun Ra material from impossible to find Saturn jams mostly 1960s-1970s in a hand-coloured by Oakland kids edition of only 100 copies: running the classic Ra gamut from solo synth bloop through full-on sci-fi gospel orchestra, beatbox violence, space chants and wiggy full ensemble horn freak outs, this is pretty much the bomb in terms of unheard Sun Ra and pretty much everyone who has heard it has been blown away. all covers are unique and hand-coloured just like the original Saturn sleeves. cassette release of the year? highly recommended!" volcanic tongue

"one of the best mixes of Sun Ra material we have ever heard. a dynamic and continuous mix of spectacular Sun Ra music projected out from pyramid tops for all to enjoy and be transformed by! if you don't know much about Sun Ra's music, we'll here's a perfect sampler of his material, mostly taken from rare 60's & 70's recordings, rare synth stylings, solo abstract piano work, deep trip hop like grooves mixed with horn freak-outs, gospel vocal chants and Sun Ra speach insights!

each cover is unique and different as they are all hand colored by the neighborhood kids here in Oakland, just like the original private press records the band colored in between rehersal takes! All copies of this limited to 200 pressing come with a foe Saturn Records Buisness Card with the Chicago and Oakland phone #'s on them!" sanity muffin

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"Sun Ra first solo homemade recordings eerie-ly recorded onto a reel to reel in the beyond dark ages of 1948. now that ra is 100 and floating in the interstellar space: here is the blueprint of his trademark glee-spree sprawl dipped into the cosmic glitter of nothingness, alone in a empty church with nothing but his vivid and endless imagination to co-pilot.  if the "carnival of souls" soundtrack by genius gene moore is enough to make you want to take it with you forever & drive off a bridge: heres more smiling golems of interplanetary lost-world haunts to pepper your eerie day.

fairly “inzane” ~looking issue of this short suite of recordings made on reel-to-reel by sun ra in 1948 in a “mysterious location” running through standards (and an “abstract original”) on a fully-fledged church organ, predating his more outré tendencies by a good few years. nice, crispy, overloaded recording spec lends a harmonic richness & claustrophobic weight to the proceedings.mimaroglu

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