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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

paa annandalii

paa annandalii ~ altars (celestial paths ltd., 2015)  

Two excellent celestial journeys guided by Robert Thompson in limited edition of 25 copies each.

Robert Thompson of Quartz Safari and Mohave Triangles fame is returning to shelves of drone lovers with two new titles both exquisite and powerful in terms of deep listening and contemplation. 'Altars' is a closest thing to Mohave's 'Astral Holograms' - synth drone epic that felt like you're going to float in space forever, even when tape will turn into dust inside your deck after centuries of playing on repeat. Dense and think walls of sound combined here, on 'Altars' with lightness, and there are some real magic in doing that. You can dive deeply into the textures of synth flows and then realise that you've gone through them, somewhere to completely different space. It's like flying above the clouds and even higher, to see white sun and black sky on the background. 'Altars' tape proves that sound can be so transcending at some point, that you don't need to know what it was about, when artist recorded it - you just starting to feel and experience something new. And it happens each time when you ready for such experience.

'Yen Pox' tape goes to another territories, previously explored by such hermits as Deep Magic, Black Eagle Child and Rambutan - using guitar as source of endless loops forming rainbow-like stairway, but not to heaven (at least in usual meaning), but to higher consciousness levels. Yes, it might be called a 'heaven' of our own self and in that case we can interpret these tracks as mantras or aural mandalas built from brightly shining Nothing. Since the beginning of times people used two main sources of achieving this 'heaven' - sacred plants and music. Both methods are working good, but music is the most exquisite, ethereal and yet powerful. Some sound textures have ability of activating hidden capabilities of mind and our imagination is only first of them. Then goes much more and it gives us much more space of choices, than any psychedelic substance, which impact is usually 'programmed' and predictable. 'Yen Pox' has potential for deepest exploration inside perception and interpretation of our selves and world around. Yet at the same time it may be just nice relaxing music for your evening with book and burning incense. And it's part of this free choice thing. Or free will. As Kyle Landstra once said: 'choose your own adventure type of music'. And what's good - it's a new adventure every time!


(hoy damos la bienvenida a un nuevo tree people: Tim Six de Creation VI, autor del blog and you will never learn who is pied paper. y con dos sendas cintas de Robert Thompson :) como siempre, mucha ilusión.)


ana said...

welcome tim! i thought the same about 'yen pox', Black Eagle Child just came to my mind...and Reedbeds too. to finish up, there's a new split between Mohave Triangles and Deep Magic en Diatom Bath

piedpaper said...

Oh yeah, split with Deep Magic is very good. But thik we can wait with announcement until actual tape release ;)