microphones in the trees: Braeyden Jae — Turnings

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Braeyden Jae — Turnings

The first spring storm died down over city and evening sun caught it quiet, deserted and wet. Sun came out just for a moment to go below the horizon, and the town began to sink slowly into the gray twilight nap. Everything breathed, everything sparkled with some inner light... Trees slowly and gracefully escorted evening breeze with newly greened branches. Young leaves were so bright that even in the falling twillight their color seemed shining as emeralds. You wanted to absorb this color, soak in humidity of air and would stand still on the spot – like a tree, just absorbing all surrounding beauty and freshness, filling with juices in anticipation of a new day... Then time would slow down so that passing passing people and cars would seem like a blurry watercolor brush strokes against a background of other trees. Time has ceased to be something threatening - it would become a best friend. Sunrises and sunsets will be all that would remind of it. And then summer, autumn, winter... Just grow and breathe, grow and breathe. However, this is basic need to not only for trees, but for each of us as well.  

Changing his name once again, Braeyden Jae hasn't changed. The same intimate purity of nature, the giver of magical inspiration that pervades every sound – red thread that permeates all his work from the start. There was change of styles, of approaches, of the sound, but it's just a ripples, reflections on the lake surface... Deep inside, this music carries same heady beautifulness that Softest, Kaliska and WYLD WYZRDZ shared with us. Deeply and sincerely resonating beauty, which may end in experiencing infinite joy or infinite sadness. It all depends on where you direct your attention. The world is built on contrasts, and often it turns out that the sacred places of the world raise their peaks to the Sun not so far from the places where the flooding oil and forest fires destroy all living creatures... Yet, on the highest point of Mr. McKenna's music we can see all contrasts erased – so we can see from the perspective of unite, indivisible universe. Any contradictions are eliminated. Time healed all wounds. Left alone with the latest sounds melting in the air, we cease to perceive time as acute as before. It may be just for a while, but yet it is. We glimpsed into the future and saw that our world is going to be okay. We do not remember what exactly it would be, but clearly feel it. And this is all that matters.


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