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Monday, May 18, 2015

~ tuluum shimmering ~ four new releases ~

"four magical cd's by UK-based, one-man transcendental-drone band Tuluum Shimmering. the sound of Tuluum Shimmering is like a sort of loop-driven, timeless ethnic music without a region or a tradition. an array of instruments (sampling keyboard, flutes, violin, kalimba, percussion) are run, via a mixer, through a multi-FX pedal into a 30-second looper, and out to an amp." aguirre

Everything has its cycles. Since the very start of everything we know, every single movement was part of some cycle. Galaxies spinning around each other or seasonal changes - it's only question of a scale. And with every cycle something changes - slowly, steady, it may be something absolutely invisible, - but it changes. Constant renovation of cosmos goes endlessly, through myriads ways of self-knowing. We can say that we breathe for life, but maybe it's Life breathes through us. Everything flows and everything remains the same. Your body changes every second, but you find yourself in the bed every morning - looking same, living same pattern, performing same rituals, thinking same thoughts. Days are going, but you don't feel them like a cycle - we are walking a straight line from past to future. But most likely this is spiral - unfolding, unfurling - and each new coil takes us one step up. Aeons ago people celebrated such turns with rituals, and we do same thing, only in different form. But if you don't have to explain why X-mas celebration ritual is important, why we should do those celebration only on determined days? Nature celebrates every sunrise, why shouldn't we? I think that music of Tuluum Shimmering is the way of such celebration. It cycles, brings joy and refreshing view of everything you put your mind on and it gives perspective of this endlessly unfolding Mystery of Creation that we all happened to be part of.

Every ritual has its pattern, and Jake Webster's tunes are always ritualistic in their own way. This is such kind of music that don't really tells you stories, but involves in creation of your own ones. It reminds wondrous magic carpet that hypnotizes you with its patterns - they seem repetitive at first glance, but longer you look the more you see. And it appears to be a flying carpet and it takes you far-far away from usual routine that we fill our lives by some silly reasons. This music gives you a ride that reminds about sacred nature of everything existing under this sun. A journey which is needed to recall that you're always on a journey. You're sitting on the couch, but meanwhile sun makes it cycle through the galaxy and this music makes you feel that. Under the layers and layers of loops and melodies it contains this wonderful never ending raga-like drone flow that connects every living creature in the Universe. Huge web, where energy flows, changing shapes and states. Once you feel it, you'll never be alone! Perform your rituals, celebrate your life, and don't think you run in circles - every circle is only a planar projection of neverending, infinitely unfolding spiral of Life. And this music goes along with it, just feel - just follow.

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ana said...

Tim, what you wrote it's magic. thanks <3