microphones in the trees: armando sciascia

Sunday, October 11, 2015

armando sciascia

"composed by Armando Sciascia in 1972, this unique library concept LP of sublime underwater sounds, ideas and trips is at last available to mere mortals. Sciascia is one of the Italian musical legends, whose other work includes classic spaghetti westerns, bizarre electronics and experimental modern orchestrals for synchronisation. the original Sea Fantasy LP is notoriously hard to find, and for many is a high point in deep underwater sounds, experiments and moods. 500 vinyl copies only. limited distribution. buy now if you are a fan of Jacques Cousteau, De Roubaix, Italian library music, scuba diving, snorkels, wearing wetsuits or you get the paddling pool out on a hot summer's day." trunk

un regalo y un recuerdo de otra época: shipwreck! nada me haría más feliz que trunk se acordase también de Walt Rockman y 'underwater vol. 1'.

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