microphones in the trees: inspired school of astral music

Friday, October 18, 2019

inspired school of astral music

¿cómo he podido estar tan desconectada y no darme cuenta de la existencia de 'seekers'? suena 'for d' y mientras me derrito me acuerdo del impacto que causó en nosotros 'empty naked streets' de Charlatan meets The North Sea allá por el 2012. y de cuando no pasaba ni un solo día sin que visitase la página de Inspired School of Astral Music aka Bill Doob deseando que hubiese algo nuevo. Günter Schlienz ha cumplido otro de mis sueños editando en su sello cosmic winnetou 'seekers', otra dosis de magia del 'ente' musical que, junto a Josh Burke y el propio Günter, más fascinación y curiosidad me han producido a lo largo de estos años. os dejo esta divertida y certera 'review' de 'cassette gods'. La inspirada escuela de música astral de alguna manera se ha conectado a mi cerebro....y al mío también.

"Inspired School of Astral Music somehow has connected to my brain. It’s the “astral” part, isn’t it, the unknowable spiritual dimensionality that allows linkage without a physical bond. How else would Inspired School come to the same conclusion as me, that “it is possible to experience the music from beyond within, and voice this experience through a musical instrument”? I’ve been saying that for, like, ever! Well, not in so many words, but definitely a variation. Reading that then listening to “Seekers” has kind of validated a lot of what I believe about music. Or at least my online persona believes it, since in reality I’m just a collection of computer coding masquerading as a human presence on social media and music sites for some reason. (Or maybe I’m a demon-possessed laptop. Who’s to say for sure?)

Inspired School of Astral Music exposes the inner melodies calmly attempting to guide us through life, manifesting as droning synthesizer with exquisite solos to keep our attention. The trancelike repetition is underscored with pulsing energy, truly giving the impression that it pipes in from another plane of existence. Also, each track is (at least digitally – there are no track titles listed on the physical product itself) dedicated to someone or something: “For D.,” “For C.,” “For L.,” “For G.,” “For A.” This gives “Seekers” an extra sense of camaraderie and interconnectedness, that the music filtering through the Inspired School is just that – filtered, not owned, freely given to those who deserve or require it. It’s not for us, it’s for you. It’s not for me, it’s for them. It’s not for ISoAM, it’s for D., and C., and L., and G., and A., and everybody else. I’d argue that it might not be for me, being a bot and all (or a demon), but probably nobody’s going to think about that very much after reading this. They’ll be too busy getting a psychic massage from the Inspired School of Astral Music tape they just bought."
cassette gods

"A nomad I will remain for life, in love

with distant and uncharted places.”
- Isabelle Eberhardt

An Offering to Fellow Seekers &
Those whose paths I have crossed
Creating our own Realities
With the Dust of Time

The World is Smoking
Then it is dark
& turns back
a field of thistle
wet & sharp
draws our Blood
Para el Mundo
Con Amor

minimal synthesizer music with soloing on top which will left you behind mind struck. everything wrapped into an unique vision with will let you behind wondering about your sanity.
we are all seekers, aren't we? cosmic winnetou


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