microphones in the trees: ethereal planes indian

Sunday, April 09, 2006

ethereal planes indian

indios, señales de humo, aviones etéreos, palomitas de colores y tiro al plato, un parque de atracciones o un circo ambulante en pleno desierto, al estilo de carnivale. impresionante dog star barking
'on the psych/drone tip, ethereal planes indian is one bc smith, from austin texas. this one's for fans of the core jewelled antler stuff -- imagine a more mid-western, more sparsely wooded take on thuja and friends. in fact, for me it brings to mind images of indigenous people doing their daily activities 800 years ago - hence ethereal plains indian, i suppose - it's always nice when people name their acts appropriately. his newest, smoke signals, is out now on twilight flight sound, which is also home to two of smith's related projects, the iron kite and the friday group.'


ana said...

por el aire!!!

[nunca mejor dicho :D]

Anonymous said...

El cóndor de los Andes y el Pichichi del Área se dan la mano en un gesto de aviar amistad.