microphones in the trees: antique brothers

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

antique brothers

antique brothers - bears in the woods vol. 1 (house of alchemy 2006)

"all songs improvised live (no overdubs) to 1/4" 8-track tape at home by ged in one day some time in early june, except the last song, which we recorded a couple days later. all instruments played by ged + cy. we used martin, silvertone, burswood, and fender acoustic guitars, memphis and epiphone electric guitars, drums, wooden flute, tambourine, tapes, buddha machine, moogs, pedals (rc-20, delays) chord organ, our voices and whatever else we had around to bang on. mixed by ged, mastered by grant capes. volume one of a five album series." house of alchemy
"The sound, constructed from guitars, drums, flute, tambourine, tapes, moog, chord organ and voices, is not always easily described since the moss-clad folk melodies at hand are more like a chaplet of different tones and colors than actual songs. Antique Brothers continuously get lost in a beautiful maze of acoustic improvisation, corrosive drones, ragas and string-clad melancholia. Debut album of the year!" deep water acres

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