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Thursday, February 08, 2007

egypt is the magick #

"New limited edition LP on Wooden Wand's own imprint documenting a rare outing from this mysterious NY free/mysto ensemble piloted by a buncha Hint House regulars, including Dave Shuford of The No-Neck Blues Band. The more eagle-eyed connoisseurs may have already spotted various members bolstering the NNCK/Sunburned ranks on NNCK's 1998 album, Live At Ken's Electric Lake under the Mysterygypt banner. Here the sound is of a classic lost ESP-Disk, the perfect synthesis of stumbling, primitively rendered acoustic free space that reconciles almost Shadow Ring takes on personal psychosis with a ritualistic Manson Family Jams feel and some beautifully submerged and utterly compelling 3rd Velvets album atmospherics (specifically the slow-burning gnosis of "Jesus") and temporally outta place Flynt/Hurley-styled ostrich/hillbilly protest. Flip side casts the net even wider, taking in some gloriously fucked drum machine bass and midnight hysteria and a nice, ass-flapping live full-blown psych destroyer. In other words, it goes all the way from B to Z with the kinda canny eye-swimming elan of your favourite mushroom cultivator. Or like they tell it themselves: "Resistant to the clutches of Anubis, the members of Egypt is the Magick # have emerged from a six year hiatus to produce an archival release dating from the DCLXVI Dynasty. After serving as priests to Hathor, the Mistress of Life, the Great Wild Cow, for five years, these Egyptian numerologists have honed their aesthetic reeds to razor sharp points. These tracks include glossalalia praising the pantheon, an illustration of the electromechanistic migration of the soul as well as ecstasy soaked instrumental excursions. Look for these adepts appearing at your local oasis soon! 180 gram vinyl, full color covers, 500 copies!" Totally great and highly recommended." volcanic tongue
Atum: on guitars, plastics, voices
Shu: hand drums, percussions, mouth, winds

influencias: Yahowah 13; Cabaret Voltaire; John Fahey... the Dogon People; slaves who make monuments to their kings

sounds like: a good idea at the (space) time

el pasaporte ideal para viajar a Egyptolandia...y no volver


Anonymous said...

o el pasaporte ideal para que Egyptolandia viaje a tu cabeza y no salga

Ecstatic Peace! said...

No lo he escuchado,
pero hace 4 días que lo encargué junto a varias cositas más... en Time-Lag


cuento los dias para que llegue el paquete...

Ecstatic Peace! said...

Caray con la web de MySpace.

Nunca me ha gustado demasiado, pero veo que "todo el mundo" está ahí.

No deja de ser un buén medio de dar a conocer música.

Pero grupos relativamente importantes no creo que necesiten de MySpace para promocionarse.

Es una opinión personal claro.

ana said...

qué rapidez suso! tienen otro disco que también está muy bien: how many pieces of the puzzle can the mind go without.

y entiendo lo que dices de myspace