microphones in the trees: the child readers

Friday, April 25, 2008

the child readers

"Heartbreaking and childlike, “Music Heard Far Off” evokes the surreal poetry of good Dylan with a saner than Daniel Johnston, but still as awed a worldview. If Brian Wilson had been born in 1970, he would have made this record at some point.
Even semi-abrasive tracks like the muted metallic sheen of “Planet Waters” or the lo-fi skronk of “A Tree Waits” have awesomely positive vibes. There is hope by the bucketsful in the seeming chaos and improvisational daring.
This is a naked record too, as the duo of Jason Honea (Social Unrest) and Loren Chasse (Thuja) offer literate haikus that sound confessional even when surreal. Listening to “Son of Man” in particular, one of the more stripped down tracks, feels like an invasion of privacy.
Guitars acoustic and electric drive the grooves, though there are touches of ambient and musique concrete, as well as a dull hiss that often appears as a kind of guide through this poetic and disorienting landscape.
The Child Readers can be trusted, and “Music Heard Far Off” makes you want to trust. This is a gorgeous, if unsettling release that mixes the avant-garde and traditional, the hermetic and open, in stunning fashion. 9/10" Mike Wood (Foxy Digitalis)
por fin se ha hecho realidad el nuevo disco de the Child Readers, y escuchando 'Son of Man' creo que ha valido la pena esperar un año. 'oraciones musicales al campo, momentos del día', y mucha variedad en el tipo de canciones, tonos y referencias (Jewelled Antler, sello carismático y entrañable donde los haya). dieciséis canciones de colores pastel que nacen y mueren en apenas dos minutos, siempre a punto de romperse, como si fueran grabadas con lo que había a mano...


rafa said...

ahora ya un poquito mejor :)

ana said...

jaja, así me gusta, que hagas los deberes :)