microphones in the trees: fursaxa

Thursday, April 10, 2008


"What a stunning album! Simply breathtaking! This is easily my favorite Fursaxa outing since her infamous Mandrake. It's certainly one of her most trippy to date. Listening to Kobold Moon is like traveling to a far off place where witches, folkloric gods and bizarre beasts, both fascinating and repulsive, still roam the planet. Either that or this is the result of one hell of a shamanic drug experience; but I prefer thinking of this album in terms of the fantastic. Alternating between absolute beauty and awkward, eerie moments, Kobold Moon is like experiencing a fable, an ancient children's tale. Not reading it, living it! The unfamiliar, the comic, the tender, the terrifying and the weird!" my record collection

"Limited album from Tara Burke aka Fursaxa, packaged in marbled, psychedelic card slipcases and wraparound inner sleeves and released on her own label.. The whole disc has a heavy Judee Sill feel that hasn’t really been so apparent in her back catalogue until now. It all ends with one of the most spell-binding movements in her entire catalogue, with a chaos of vocal hiss functioning as a long, slow pan through the kind of fog-bound territory previously mapped by Andrew Chalk and Christoph Heemann as Mirror. One of her darkest and most otherworldly set of space-whispers to date. Highly recommended." volcanic tongue

foto: alexander binder


Anonymous said...

otra vez tara burke a principios de año, a ver si lo escucho con calma que tengo últimamente mucho pendiente. el nuevo de inca ore me encanta, 'everlasting fountain'y wedding day' las favoritas, hipnótico y sugestivo.

Jorge VF said...

Pues éste no le va a la zaga, Cornus Of Florida es pura magia!

Esta portada es más bonita que la que había visto.

ana said...

uf, con Inca ore no sé donde escoger... con Wedding day y Sun estoy en un bucle desde hace días, y en las campanas de Creation, en la preciosísima Lady days, en everlasting fountain...qué disco!.

y Jorge, la portada de Fursaxa es un poco elección personal :): es del mismo diseñador que hizo la original, que de momento sólo está en pequeñito. aunque todas son bonitas me decidí por ésta. Cornus of Florida es otro bucle...y Kokopelli, Saxalainen.
los dos discos me transmiten lo mismo, igual de hipnóticos y sugestivos.

rafa said...

cornus of florida es LA música

ana said...

yes, it is :)