microphones in the trees: pocahaunted

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


"Teepees turned in for shanties. Moccasins turned in for high tops. Spirit fog turned in for purple haze. This is the sound of the world town. Amanda and Bethany have had S. LA metal head Bobb Bruno play electric drums on their tracks in the past, but the results of this album is something entirely different than anything they attempted before. It is less Bobb playing drums with Pocahaunted, than it is an entirely new entity operating in perfect unity. Dubbed out and drenched in the grime of the streets, Island Diamonds features the same vocal come downs and chord repetition/progression to infinity that P-haunt is know for, but with the addition of almost (dare I say) “danceable” beats. This is the record that Pocahaunted have always wanted to make, the crown jewel of an epic sistership. Rub soap in your eye make it red so you look raw. Recorded/mixed/mastered over a period of three months, and the effort/time shows; Pocahaunted’s most developed/realized work yet; features additional saxophone riffage by Andy Spore (of Raccoo-oo-oon, Youth of the Beast, Pukers) mastered by James Plotkin. In an edition of 500 Rasta colored LP’s on clear yellow vinyl with pro-printed jackets with art by Crystal Stokowski, labels by A+B, and an insert." arbor

no se puede pedir más: las voces de Bethany y Amanda empapadas de dub

...para muestra, un botón


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la neta del planeta :))


parallelliott said...

thanks. this album is really great.

Anonymous said...

Que mas se puede decir de pocahaunted, solo que me he convertido en fan incondicional :-)


Sheesh Kabeesh said...

brilliant , brilliant stuff...thank you