microphones in the trees: my two toms

Saturday, June 14, 2008

my two toms

my two toms - "field recordings" and "two" (mole in the ground 2006)
“The melodies are direct, memorable, and inseparable from the interlocking harmonies that are weaved around them. My Two Toms carries the traditions of the most memorable music; the complexity found deep within the drone of the Appalachian Mountains, the spiraling melodies of Northumberland pipe tunes, a simple song that stands well the test of time and is remembered not in a crazy-making way but as an old friend.” charlie parr
"When My Two Toms write music, they often use broken instruments and allow the remaining strings to dictate the structure and melody. They have a deceptive simplicity that can sometimes trigger images of rural landscapes. Their music is as familiar as an old children’s tv programme. It is also often driving and hints at folk and American country, with a very English slant." mole in the ground


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