microphones in the trees: willie lane

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

willie lane

"Willie “Gutbucket” Lane is a young guitar player from Maine who is also the protégé of Matt Valentine. This is his first release on MV’s own Child of Microtones label and it features Lane travelling similar paths as those trodden by MV himself or Joshua Burkett.

Lane’s playing, though very clear and assured, is unmistakably imbued with these unique kind of “psychedelic” fixtures as found on the most far-out mv/ee outings. I’m thinking of the “Ragas and Blues” lp or any of those “free folk” excursions that alternate more straightforward guitar playing with a very controlled and measured use of delays, reverse effects and other sound altering devices...." foxy digitalis

Recliner ragas es otro de esos discos pequeños y especiales salidos de la nada y de los que se sabe muy poco, sólo una referencia en Foxy Digitalis y apariciones en los 'blues lunares' de Matt Valentine & Erika Elder. Willie Lane se sitúa justo a un paso de Matt Valentine & Erika Elder con una colección de deliciosos ragas que siempre apetece escuchar y que resumiría en dos palabras y una frase: ingravidez instrumental y una preciosidad de principio a fin.

foto: leon rouge

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