microphones in the trees: pump kinn

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

pump kinn

"Pump Kinn is Michelle. Whether gliding on the diamond lakes on a porcelan swan or herding the wild equestrian hordes on top the tenebrous mountains she molds the loveliest concoctions of throat plumage confection and the most crepuscular cacophonous caterwauling of a thousand shrill stallions. Admirers of Diamanda and Fursaxa rejoice. Limited to 500 copies housed in a custom, full-color, 6-panel fold-out cover." weird forest
"This most recent exploration of the human voice comes from the strangely monickered Pump Kinn, a vocalist named Michelle who channels the spirit of Diamanda Galas, but adds a heaping dose of effects and stereo panning to send our heads spinning and our ears into a confusional tizzy. The first track sounds like water running, a shower, the soothing white noise slowly shifting from the right speaker to the left speaker and back again, a soothing, slightly dizzy sensation, before the vocals appear on track two, a soft faraway cooing, swinging from right to left along with the fuzz of the running water sound. Track three is a strange world of creaks and cackles, screams and shrieks, lots of reverb and delay, a world of alien bird calls, and cooing alien infants. Track four finds the voice turned into rhythm, careening from speaker to speaker, truly haunting and disorienting. The next five tracks drift from haunting ethereal ambiance, to swirls of high end shriek to dreamy drifts of distant harmony, like a feral Joan LaBarbara or an outer space Fursaxa scampering wildly between your speakers. Truly far out." aquarius


rafa said...

llegaste por la versión de "come wander "?? casualidad?? anyway mooola!!! =)

ana said...

casualidad :)

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