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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


"...recorded in the spring and fall seasons of 2007 with Jeff McMurrich in Toronto, with the intention to make a record with attention to performance rather than perfection, You can't take anyone allows the graceful tangles of Castlemusic's songs to radiate without pretense. Here Jennifer Castle's meandering, beautifully misshapen guitar lines meet with her thorny/poignant, womanly lyrics and utterly disarming voice. With a desire to write music that, "lets me really play the guitar with no preciousness to structure and timing so I can really enjoy singing…the song becomes the bridge for both interests", Castle's addictive songs echo homespun greats like Johnny Cash and Elizabeth Cotton.
Of her song writing intentions and heartbreaking delivery, Jennifer says, "I wish to write with a dedication to imagination, poetry, meaninglessness, impossibility and honesty. Bad grammar and sloppy chord changes…to lyrically write in the often sad voice of a person who feels alone, while playing and singing like a person who reaps the uninhibited and beautiful benefits of this state...". blue fog
después de un disco tan especial y bonito como 'Live at Music Gallery' necesitábamos más y hemos recibido mucho más...folk y soul y country, coros preciosos, una voz que da ganas de llorar, elegancia en cada arreglo, en cada melodía. te hace perder la noción del tiempo y se puede escuchar diez veces seguidas...y seguir enganchada. empieza perezoso, como si acabara de despertar, pero de repente algo mágico sucede: your hand is a wing, y todo tiene sentido. !!
foto: maya bird
*download part I & part II*


Anonymous said...

gracias, gracias, gracialas!!!

Anonymous said...

tragically beautiful. gracias por compartir :)

Anonymous said...

Oh so thanks for Castlemusic.... GGGRRREEEAAAAAAAAAATTT !!!

Anonymous said...

'we always change' conmueve tanto*... y qué decir de 'for my friends' o el country de' i love him now he´s gone' o la pregunta mas terciopelo con 'who'... o 'your hand is a wing' que es puro style...y así así...

uf... vaya manera de continuar el mágico viaje de 'live at music gallery'... 'you cant take it anyone' es planear alto :))

ahhh!!! 'a estas alturas' puedo decir que castlemusic es el descubrimiento mas grande que me has hecho...gracialas infinitas :D


long life to calm in trees!!!!

ya dije ahhhhhh!!!???