microphones in the trees: twi the humble feather

Sunday, September 14, 2008

twi the humble feather

"Twi the Humble Feather is the perfect soundtrack to: a) moonlit treks through the woods, b) Christmas nights when mom and dad don’t fight, c) taking baths in rosewater. Rhythmic and breathy, the music has an organic feel that hushed up Glasslands in Williamsburg November 21. The acoustic trio focuses on the sound’s ebbs and flows and acts as a live-action tape-loop, repeating soft riffs as they build to a chorus of crescendos that luxuriously slink away into whispers. Twi the Humble Feather don’t tell stories, instead they set the stage with each song connecting to the next with quiet crooning to create an evening of delicately-crafted soundscapes." Erin Roof
"...there is legend and rumor of a new interstellar adventurer, by the name of twi, who came to be by the will of an ancient sorcerer forest existing unknown in a nameless galaxy. those aware of this rumor say twi seeks the wisdom of vast green worlds, as well as the sating secrets of sound. inspired by the adventures of this new mythical character, the trio 'twi the humble feather' compose guitar and vocal based music depicting environments recently visited by twi; such as magical castles and forests, and various realms of the uncharted cosmos..." brooklyn vegan

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