microphones in the trees: the rural tradition

Friday, September 05, 2008

the rural tradition

"As if the title of this album wasn't self-deprecating enough, Julian Poidevin, the sole member of The Rural Tradition, even goes so far as to declare its release last year as "spectacularly unsuccessful" on his myspace page. Well, the sales figures might not have been through the roof, but in creative terms this really is quite a find. Sounding remarkably like a down-and-out Nick Drake, Poidevin strings together an album's worth of beautifully dilapidated acoustic narratives, intercut with detuned instrumental interludes spun on xylophone chimes, accordion, melodica and of course, acoustic guitar. in the timid fingerpicked tracts like 'I thought i was intended for a country life' or the daydreaming, Syd Barrett-like 'The nightingale fund', The Rural Tradition's finest qualities really shine through the modest, unnecessarily humble presentation. An absolutely gorgeous album." boomkat


Anonymous said...

Greatgreatgrande!!! Gracias!

chino. said...

awesome !

Anonymous said...

hello, my name is michael and i helped record and master a few bits of this this bugger. that's not julian in the photo there. he wouldn't wear those trousers.
and who's jon edwards?

ana said...

hi michael, i know...this is a picture taken by jon edwards. sometimes instead of the cover album (if i can't find it in a big size or i don't like it very much) i put some pictures that i like taken by othe people. music and photography, two of the things that i like the most linked.
maybe you want that i put the real cover art...just tell and i'll do it.

by the way, great album and great title. i like so much plinth too :)