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Thursday, January 15, 2009

alela diane

Alela Diane is a real american songwriter. Both flinty and beautiful. She draws from a tradition that might include Sandy Denny and Karen Dalton and she suffers not a jot in comparison” geoff travis
"Alela Diane is a wanderer. I don’t mean just in the idealized sense, that she’s a mythic folkie who prefers the nomadic life, walking from town to town with just her guitar, singing songs for bread and shelter from the storm, but in how, well, unsettled she is. To Be Still shows a naked, stark vulnerability that most songwriters would shy away from. Gosh, is it beautiful.
Thankfully, Diane’s rustic-folk songs aren’t obscured by the arrangement; instead, the song’s gentle backing only makes Diane’s rich, wise-beyond-her-years voice shine even brighter. And it’s her voice that drives the song, that breaks your heart, that’s forced me hit repeat all day. “I was sifting through the piles/ in my hand, a tangled thread/ each patient tug upon the sorrow/ is a glimpse of what has been,” she sings. It’s ok, Alela...we’ve all been there." michael mannheimer
to be still es la mejor forma de despetarse por la mañana, (y un inesperado regalo de cumpleaños para ainhoa: felicidades!;)). banjos y silbidos aislados, canciones nuevas, canciones familiares de sus directos en daytrotter session ahora con una producción más cuidada, y la voz de raymond raposa, siempre tan especial, en 'age old blue'.
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Anonymous said...

amymore second family band??? thanks, great post and blog

Anonymous said...

emocionante regaloso... felicidades, ainhoa!!


Little Turtle said...

y nadie dice nada del dibujillo???


phil said...

hi there - any chance of a repost on sharebee, please?

ana said...

brian, el dibujillo es sin palabras. y también de mortimer, por cierto :)

phil, the album is in sharebee at least

Anonymous said...

En "Every Path" me he quedado atrapada.

Anonymous said...

En "Every Path" me he quedado atrapada.