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Sunday, January 11, 2009

mv & ee

mv & ee - hick smoke (child of microtones 2008)

"howdy lunar listeners, it's been awhile since a real moonblood Child of Microtones was birthed, so we offer you Child of Microtones 33, mv & ee "hick smoke". mainly recorded at maximum arousal farm in pure analog, this one is limited to 99 copies and comes in a heavy oilboard sleeve with color covers, insert and astral dimensions in spectrasound. ayup, spectrasound. a good new year palette/pallet cleanser for the 'too much is not enough' synapse. hope you all are diggin' the arrival of the capricorn moon. eternal thanx for a great year...
featuring contributions from the golden road (doc dunn/mike smith), jeremy earl (woods), asa irons (feathers, et. al)..."

foto: grandylion


Anonymous said...

hello can you please upload
By The Fruits You Shall Know The Roots if you have it, you think it would be easier to find

Anonymous said...

much love & light

Anonymous said...

link is now invalid?

Anonymous said...

your blog is so cool i want to have children with it <3