microphones in the trees: mv/ee with the golden road

Monday, January 12, 2009

mv/ee with the golden road

"real raw 'you are here' sound captured live in the deep tapers pit by number one uk golden road archivist pete coward. this disck is a window into sweet harvests from a handful of shows, most notably an electric "easy livin" eye opener from a back room in brighton from the 'gettin' gone in aquarius' tour, plus a soaked "tea devil" from dylan nyoukis' 'colour out of space festival' as well as a blown out epic "canned happiness" from this years 'golden cherry ball' jam at instal. fasten yr jaw on the big league chew-z "environments" bubble featuring the usual heads (mv/ee/doc dunn/samara/chris davis) along with mick flower, chris corsano, the cherry blossoms and phil todd. child of microtones and ecstatic peace joint release - golden roadies unite!" ecstatic peace

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