microphones in the trees: long legged woman

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

long legged woman

otro de esos discos que te hacen perder la noción del tiempo...a mí me recuerda a valerio sartori, the kitchen cynics, greg ashley o ese velo de misterio que siempre ha definido a pocahaunted, pero suena a long legged woman y solamente a long legged woman. voces atmosféricas y desenfocadas, suavidad guitarril y unas canciones pequeñas, cortantes, que no pierden nunca la dulzura: on death & dying part II & III; what comes after part II, we learned to survive...hay tantas
"Newtown Nights finds the Athens, Georgia boys branching out into musical realms once thought untouchable by a band of acid ears. Anchored by heavy waves of macabre feedback and dirty blues, Long Legged Woman has transformed the bastardized Haight-Asbury foreplay of peers into an album's worth of guttural ditties any Mississippi Delta backporch dweller would be proud to call kin. LLW refuse to sit onthe laurels thrown by tye-died consumers and black fedora stylist, preferring to mix it up in the mud and soot of music's filthy underbelly. To count the styles and sounds visited (and revisited) during the all-too-short Newtown Nights would only serve to spoil the supernatural surprises stored within its cardboard home." electronic voice phenomenon
"An endless rain of suffocating feedback and heavily treated loops ensues and if you're wasted enough you could even call it psychedelic." foxy digitalis


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rafa said...

electricity! 3, 2, 1?? :)))