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Thursday, March 19, 2009

the ten thousand things - s/t cdr (the lotus sound 2008)

"Recently relocated to Athens, Georgia, multi-instrumentalist Wes Covey is this time joined by Savannah, Georgia’s psychedelic dreamstress Jessica Calleiro (uncle owen aunt beru), who blesses ‘The Song’ with vocals, drums and weather. Ben Peck, a native of Covey’s birthplace deep in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom adds scorching vocals to a retelling of the traditional ‘Who’s Gonna Be Your Man?’
On the remaining six songs, Covey utilizes his palate of guitars, bass, samples and various percussive instruments to create a series of compositions that face the light more than previous releases, while still holding the darkness at their backs.
Those who’ve had their ears perked by the sounds of Six Organs of Admittance, Pelt, Hala Strana and likeminded folk destroyers will want to set aside some time to give this slab a spin. Mostly, though, anyone interested in blending folk forms with drone experimentalism and the shivering blackness of doom will find want to free their minds to the sound of The Ten Thousand Things." the lotus sound
foto: ▼ A Fötos

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