microphones in the trees: peaking lights

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

peaking lights

"Since you asked, here’s a new truism we vibed out of the cosmos: Isolation (not Necessity) is the Mother of Invention. ‘Cause distance makes the heart grow radder, remember? And drift-pop duo Peaking Lights (aka epic newlyweds Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis) have proven this in spades, by beating a sweet retreat from the big city to a cool commune deep in the rolling, wooded hills on the outskirts of Madison, Wisconsin, where they’re free to bond with the land, breathe easy, and levitate lofty organic magic from their unique analog electronics mainframe. Imaginary Falcons digs deeper and flies higher than anything else they’ve ever laid to tape by miles. Seven strung-out sing-song serenades of Suicide-style drum machinery, groovy lost ghost candle crooning, dubby keyboard echoes, gentle guitar gestures, and narcotic harmonia, woven into an expertly sequenced lucid dream you never wanna wake up from. This is the sound of Peaking Lights peaking; hold it your ear as long as you can. Already dangerously high on our “One To Beat For ‘09” file. Pro-dubbed cassettes in cases with pro-printed full-color J-cards designed by Amanda. Edition of 150. Also available on lp from our friends at Night People." nnf


rafa said...

la intro transpooooorta

Anonymous said...

I really like this album - thanks!

Anonymous said...

belated thanks for the link to that, played it on Brussels radio this week.