microphones in the trees: high wolf

Monday, June 29, 2009

high wolf

"For some reason unexpected pleasures are superior to the expected variety, at least 9 times outta 10. And so it was when we happened upon the dizzy/fizzy music of French loop enthusiast High Wolf for the first time, regarding whom we had zero preconceived notions. Cheers to open minds/ears then, cause the High Wolf audio worldview is weird and wobbly and one that should appeal to all lovers of tripped out, swelter-zone equatorial electronics. Animal Totem is High Wolf’s debut release, and it piles wavy, tranced keyboard melodies one on top of the other into a pulsing ritual heap of colored smoke. Elsewhere he slips in sunset fuzz-guitar lines and temple meditation tones and even dangles down some flanger-flecked synthetic percussion like a bunch of mellow yellow bananas. Take a look up/down/all-around. Overall it’s a rich, ripe rumble in the escapist-psych jungle." nnf

sun araw meets bird show meets pocahaunted

foto: harley v w

(thanks to weedtemple for the upload)


filomena said...

he andado muy calladita por fuerzas ajenas... pero no puedo evitar decir que high wolf me pone muy mucho y muy bien.... y esa canción que viene en el compi de stunned records...ay!

ana said...

filomena? :DD

a mí también me pone muy mucho y muy bien ;)