microphones in the trees: teeth mountain

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

teeth mountain

"A seven-piece jam crew comprised of 2-3 odd drum kits, sax, clarinet, mixer drones, electric guitar, a pile of pedals, various voices, and probably other unknown mystery junk, they straddle a fine, fucked up line between carefully orchestrated rhythmic psychedelia and total drum-circle-damaged freeform freak-sprawl...Two all-new sides of artfully interwoven live recordings encompassing all the band’s best moods: outsider world scorch, jittery horn ragas, basement attack trance, etc. Raw and real and alive as life." nnf

"...Baltimore collective Teeth Mountain weave a mighty tapestry of hypnotic tribal rhythms and experimental John Cale-esque violin scratches. 'Live On' is an onslaught of syncopated drum rhythms that dominate the mix that also includes plenty of guitar drone ambience, strange feedback episodes and some sounds I couldn't possibly identify..." normanrecords

cara a a partir del minuto 4:45, cara b de principio a fin y en especial lo que ocurre a partir del minuto 8:35...ay


Carolina said...
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ana said...

buf, absolutamente todas

______________ said...

Saw them live couple of weeks ago. I like the idea (dominating percussion with tons of drones), but somehow the gig was rather boring and uninspired.