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Monday, June 08, 2009


"To quickly address the elephant in the room - certainly, collections of demos, outtakes and home recordings are mostly bogus, but obviously you're reading this, so obviously I've somehow been coerced into releasing this batch of tunes, and you've bought it or stolen it or borrowed it or gotten a promo or whatever, so let's cut to the chase. In my defense, all of the cuts contained herein are 'songs' in the traditional western sense - my experiments in "surf harmonica" and "doom zydeco" will not be chronicled here, deep and plentiful as those archives may be...You've already pardoned the narcissism, now pardon the cliche: I stand behind these songs as snapshots" and enjoy them despite their many flaws. I hope you do, too." The Wand, Nashville

es tan bonito y perfecto que no puedo destacar nada, o sí... lady of situations ('it might be too late to smile and turn when she smiles on you, it might be too late to paint the bottom of your boat blue'), all these generous men (con la preciosa voz de su mujer, jexie lynn), trails (los coros de jexie...), urchins (los coros de Jexie...), saturday delivery (james corea mirando al cielo mientras rasca su pierna como si fuera una guitarra...)


AR Mitchell said...

hi, i stop by this blog every now and again and thought some of you might be interested in this compilation series i am putting together, i would have just sent a link to an admin, but i must admit i cannot figure out how to do that, sorry. take care folks!


Mr. Pimp said...

Wand Arise!

ana said...

ar mitchell, thanks for your compilation, i love so much pennyhawks!

mr pimp, "just love simply love, love love, love love love wooden wand" :)

rafa said...

"saturday delivery", "blamelessness", "trails", uf, muy bueno!!!