microphones in the trees: best coast

Friday, July 17, 2009

best coast

"OK, so there's been much talk about this tape. This is the debut solo release from Bethany Cosentino, who was formerly known as one half of Pocahaunted. Here Bethany heads solo style with some super sweet summertime lo-fi beach pop gems. There are some slight touches of Pocahaunted memories in there, with Bethany's total killer relaxed vocals and simplistic guitar jamming sounding as great as ever but in the new setting of late evening red sky beach bum bliss. 5 songs in just under 15 minutes to blast on the beach on your 80s ghetto blaster. Limited to 200 hand numbered copies, full colour covers, pro dubbed cassettes." animalpsi

photo: alison scarpulla


yes i love you...


ana said...


por cierto...me sigo haciendo un lío con los singles, no sé si 'so gone' ha salido oficialmente como single o es sólo una demo

y al principio pensé que la foto era de jon edwards, favorinda alison scarpulla :)

ana said...

buenos días carole, esperamos impacientes la segunda entrega. make you mine! :)

adrián said...

a mi me ha pasado lo mismo buscando información sobre la demo. que siga la adicción :))
hola caro, bienvenida!que suerte de incorporaciones.