microphones in the trees: vishnu woods

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

vishnu woods

vishnu woods - riley rile/shaman tapes etc (folkwaste, 2008)

"08 Unearthed recordings reconstructed from a suitcase mysteriously marked: "V.Woods". Trip through RileyRile's too long in the sun baked meditations and Shaman tapes etc collage of ritual based drones. Epic tracks of harmonium, accordian, baglama saz and singing bowls all fed through massive effects pedals, this Woods serves up expansive cosmic gateways in confined spaces. Persian surgeries, Alice's organ, and deep space listening. Curry stained folkwaste covers, braille numbering, & luggage tag" folkwaste

foto: suruei


Mortimer said...

silver bullets va en el ipod... a ver este novedoso tribalismo :D

ana said...

pillina! la foto es impresionantemente bonita, y no puede ser más adecuada al sonido de vishnu woods

Carolina said...
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caracola de mar said...

esa fotola esta llena de energía, de la buena y con vishnu woods pues a alinearse :)