microphones in the trees: robedoor

Friday, July 24, 2009


"Seems like the LA based doooom dronelords Robedoor have slowed their endlessly prolific output lately, pretty sure these guys are in a bunch of other projects and are busy running record labels and stuff, but either way we're happy to have a few copies of their brand new cassette on Monorail Trespassing. Exorcism Blues delivers four brand new tracks of mind-melting, ground ripping heavy drone that falls somewhere between the synth sorcery of the recent secret abuse lps and the dark, doom drone stylings of earlier Robedoor recordings. Slow trudging glacial ambience that melts beneath the paralyzing summer heat. Super killer and super limited, we've only got a handful of these so act fast in you want one, they'll be gone before you know it!" aquarius

"Transitional release that sees the group expanding on their previous incarnation with more control and composition. a peak effort of scorched amps and raw hands, voices still wailing in a desert somewhere" tomentosa

foto: más alison scarpulla


ana said...

siguiendo las huellas de pocahaunted...magic tar pit ride! :)

monorail said...

i'd really appreciate it if you removed this link -- the tape is very much still available from monorail direct.