microphones in the trees: gkfoes vjgoaf

Friday, November 13, 2009

gkfoes vjgoaf

"dang. gkfoes is back with another song set. they're heavier on the percussion and rhythm but he's still using all his mysterious pretty samples and weaving that lofi magic across an even larger sound palate this time around. spaced out psych-swag music you can blush to. edition of 100." ace of tapezzz

foto: árbore

winter fields through summer eyes wind moves the clouds, the trees, the waves; i move the wind


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Anonymous said...

when new post??? pls. this is the best blog on this green world. thanks for it all.

mar said...

*winter fields through summer eyes*... pero qué preciosidad... para acurrucarse ahí en la hierbita verde de la fotola mientras cae el sol*

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ADMIN said...

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