microphones in the trees: antique brothers & the family band

Friday, November 27, 2009

antique brothers & the family band

"A new hour-long Antique Brothers jam is enough to get excited about, but when sibling shredders Ged & Cy Gengras include The Family Band it’s a full-fledged Happening to be attended at all costs. Along with the Gengras bros. on ‘Digger Gold’, Caitlin C. Mitchell, Jake White, Jeremy Kelley, and Seth Kasselman of Warm Climate join together in cracking open the smelling salts for all seven of our chakras.. Getting out of hand and family reunions go quite hand-in-hand, so listen as these partiers’ charms and spells transform the occasion into group sonic alchemy. Noise melts into grooves like lead smelts into gold and we all go home richer, baby.." stunned records

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Anonymous said...

Las cintas de Stunned Records tienen unas bonitas estampaciones de dibujos en las cintas, de lo mejor que he visto.

Además suelen ser generosos enviando cds o cintas extra.

Gran sello.