microphones in the trees: women & children

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

women & children

"our sister company IndoorMusic is honored to be part of the re-release of Women & Children's self titled album. The group first formed in Paris but currently reside in the U.S...They are a magical group and I always think of their music as a psychedelic lullaby. It is currently up on iTunes with two unreleased bonus tracks" trickety

reedición de women & children y dos canciones de regalo: night of the rake y north-south pagans. redescubriendo la preciosa day four...o el espíritu de nico y moe tucker en bear feet. gracias jonathan

foto via cradle to grave


filomenosa said...

qué fotola... gracias a calm in trees que hace que uno además de música linda, permite tener contacto con gente más linda aún... qué bonito es compartir :)

Anonymous said...

Incredibly beautiful blog - many thanks for sharing!

burningwheel said...

can you reup this or better yet find me a copy? :) does the itunes spain version have the2 bonus tracks or des the cd too?