microphones in the trees: aalto

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


"Aalto are a Finnish “ethnic folk” five piece, whose instrumental repertoire includes a doshpuluur, a didgeridoo, a sitar, a clarinet, and throat singing, as well as the more predictable percussion and guitar. This self-titled CDR consists firstly of five tracks recorded with this present day line-up, followed by four solo recordings by Sampo Salonen, recorded under the Aalto name before the present line-up had formed..." digitalis

abuela nieve, llévame a finlandia.

fotola: vamitos


filomensky said...

de esos discolos que hay que darles dos que tres oidas...

:)) croac!

ana said...

o más filomena, en bucle toda la mañana. päivän poika!
la fotola del moucho tiene tela :)

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Rumor (Vamitos) said...

y yo sin enterarme de nadita...lo escucharé...y gracias por la fótola :)

Rumor (Vamitos) said...

gracias potita